About this.

Here's how it works.

The front page is openly available on the web, but a user must log in to change their status.

Login info of member's surname and birthdate are pulled from the Brigades database.

Comments have been made that logging in on a phone might be time consuming, however by clicking "remember me" and logging in successfully it will pre-fill your surname and DOB in future. Add a shortcut to the page on your mobile device home screen and it will be quick to use. Obviously can also be used from a computer.

The login page updates the responders' status section every 5 seconds. If a person changes their status it will alter the text from added to updated (note arrow)

The blurred secrions are people's mobile numbers. On a tablet and a smartphone instead of the number being displayed it has a link "call" which will initiate a call to the number. Note the Unavailable member - see below.

When someone logs in they are presented with this to click their availability

they can either click BACK or any use response to cancel the AWAY

More info? Want FireShed for your Brigade? Contact me via - Steve Davis